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Steel Formwork

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Steel formwork is a temporary setup for storing concrete until it sets. Steel is a perfect material for making formwork because it will never bend or warp while pouring concrete. Steel formwork has the capability to store a large amount of concrete. Steel is unyielding which makes it non-adherable with concrete. It is possible to stack steel plates for making taller structures.
We are leading steel column formwork suppliers and provide comprehensive solutions in the field of steel formwork. Being one of the best steel column formwork manufacturers we have undertaken many mega projects of renowned builders. Our steel forms for concrete or you can say steel formwork system plays a pivotal role in giving strength to the construction.
Today our steel formwork for concrete slab has become a niche of its own because of its easy application, highly appreciated formwork and design-friendly nature.

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Components of Steel Formworks

Steel sheets

Tee Iron

Angle Iron


1. Steel formwork for a concrete slab is durable and strong as compared to other formworks and they are reusable, which makes them more popular.
2. We are steel column formwork suppliers and our formworks are easy to install and dismantle, thus adding comfort in construction work.
3. Steel formwork never warps or shrinks.
4. The exposed concrete surface in the steel formwork has much better quality and hence no need to treat it further.
5. Steel formwork never absorbs the moisture of concrete, thus maintains its quality.
Come and check our formworks, as we being prominent steel column formwork suppliers cater only the best! Many renowned builders are our clients and they all have accepted us as the best steel column formwork manufacturers.

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