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The Suncorp Scaffolding Hyderabad is Well made, and an Indian producer and supplier of heavy-duty props. The heavy-duty prop comes in many sizes. SuncorpScaffolding also takes into account the wall support height and slab floor while designing the heavy-duty prop size.

The heavy-duty, adjustable steel props from Suncorp Scaffolding can withstand high loads. It is widely utilized in slab and beam formwork for concrete. The strongboy prop mate and heavy-duty props are used to hold walls, ceilings, and other objects.

The Heavy Duty Prop is one of the best products of the SuncorpScaffolding. The heavy Duty Prop is used in many important works related to the making of houses and other big buildings. The Suncorp Scaffolding provides the material of Heavy Duty Prop at best prices in India that is also door to door.

Sun Corporation is a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty props, renowned for their superior quality and durability. As a trusted name in the industry, we specialize in producing high-strength props designed to meet the demanding needs of construction and industrial projects.

Our heavy-duty props are engineered to provide maximum support and stability, ensuring safety and efficiency in various applications. Whether you’re involved in building construction, infrastructure projects, or any other heavy-duty task, our props are the ideal solution to meet your requirements.

At Sun Corporation, we prioritize quality and innovation. Our props are manufactured using the finest materials and advanced technology, adhering to stringent quality standards. This ensures that each prop we produce delivers exceptional performance, even in the most challenging environments.

Our extensive range of heavy-duty props caters to diverse needs, offering adjustable heights and load-bearing capacities to suit different project specifications. With Sun Corporation, you can be confident that our props will provide reliable support, enhancing the safety and productivity of your worksite.

Customer satisfaction is at the core of our business. We understand the importance of timely delivery and responsive service, and we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you, providing expert advice and support to help you select the right props for your project.

Choosing Sun Corporation means partnering with a manufacturer committed to excellence. Our heavy-duty props are not only robust and reliable but also competitively priced, offering you the best value for your investment.

Experience the difference with Sun Corporation, your trusted manufacturer of heavy-duty props. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can support your next project. Let us provide you with the strength and stability you need to achieve success.

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Safety and Quality Control of Heavy Duty Props


Every component and section of the heavy-duty props is checked before going into mass manufacturing. Suncorp Scaffolding tests the physical and chemical properties of steel in heavy-duty props, such as G pins, base plates, and inner and outer tubes. The steel test verifies that the qualified steel used in the heavy-duty raw material. Framework To ensure that the inner and outer tube welding of the heavy-duty props is qualified, the tubes must undergo a flatten test.


SunCorp Scaffoldings tests the quality of the welding on our heavy-duty props in accordance with EN 1090 and ISO 3834 standards. We tested all the quality of welding so that their customers don’t find any kind of difficulties later. They even try to provide the best quality of welding in the Heavy duty props.


The SuncorpScaffolding provides the heavy-duty prop designs based on calculations and test results. Our production and quality control departments will test the loading bearing following the design of the heavy-duty props to make sure they can safely support the load.


SuncorpScaffolding maintains the highest caliber of performance and quality in our heavy-duty props. We also consider the quality of the surface treatment. It is also our responsibility to extend the life of our heavy-duty props. There is a strict surface quality check in the company of SuncorpScaffoldings in the Heavy duty Prop. 

For orders involving heavy duty props, SuncorpScaffolding provides door-to-door delivery service. Purchase the sturdy props and wait for your supply of acrow props to arrive. The SuncorpScaffolding reduces your expenses while also simplifying the import and purchase of your shoring props. The Heavy duty props delivery services are now easy with the SuncorpScaffoldings. Heavy-duty props from SuncorpScaffolding are made in India. We produce the shoring props and supply them to numerous reputable scaffolding and formwork firms.

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    Heavy Duty Prop

    Adjustable Steel Heavy Duty Prop is mainly used during construction. We are leading adjustable steel props manufacturer with a wide range of collection.

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