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Aluminium Formwork

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Aluminium formwork Manufacturers in India

We are the supreme quality aluminium formwork manufacturers in Hyderabad, India and have 20+ years of experience and skilled knowledge in scaffolding systems.We provide a wide range of scaffolding, centering sheets, Wall form, steel form, Aluminium form and column shuttering equipment to major projects and residential towers.

Product Description

1. Material Aluminum
2. Surface Type Coated
3. Shape Rectangular, Circular
4. Usage/Application Industrial Construction, slab shuttering

What are the benefits of Aluminium formwork?

Aluminium formwork is a perfect way to make concrete structures in a linear and under good safety conditions. It is the best option to make both low and high construction projects. In other words, this system is also known as Aluminium shutters that render the most reliable construction. If you are looking for aluminium shutters system suppliers, Sun Corporation Scaffolding System manufactures are the best quality formwork system.The following are the advantages or benefits of aluminium formwork:
  • 1. Monolithic crack free structures.
  • 2. Doesn't require timber or plywood for construction activities.
  • 3. Casting of walls and slabs possible simultaneously.
  • 4. Doesn't require skilled labour.
  • 5. No Plastering required.
  • 6. Custom-designed to suit project requirements.
  • 7. Unsurpassed construction speed.
  • 8. Requires no cranes or heavy lifting equipment.

Why Choose Us?

We design in a customized way, so as to fulfill the demand of our clients. Our happy and satisfied customers refer to our quality and timely service and hence call us the best aluminium formwork manufacturers and suppliers in hyderabad and yes we feel proud about their appreciation. Being one of the best aluminium formwork contractors in Hyderabad, our formwork products are designed such that they cater to the required architectural shape to the building with fewer hassles. Our aluminium shutters speak about their quality and reliability and are in great demand among many clients.

Aluminium formwork price

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Leading Aluminium formwork system suppliers Sun Corporation Scaffolding System We can give the best solution for all your scaffolding needs

Components of Aluminium Formworks

Aluminium rail section
Aluminium sheet
Skin Plate


1. Assembling this type of formwork is convenient and easy. It can be easily assembled manually without the use of any machines. Usually, workers need just a hammer or spanner to shutter or de-shutter the formwork. Skilled labor can assemble 20-30 square meters in a day.
2. It is widely used in walls, beam, window sills, horizontal floor, floating plate, etc.
4. This formwork requires fewer construction periods, because of its easy assembling and de-assembling.
5. Unlike any other formworks, Aluminium formwork doesn’t need professionals; just simple training to workers can help.
Sun Corporation Scaffolding System is the best scaffolding manufacturers as compared to other industries. We are prominent Aluminium formwork suppliers and we provide formwork with high-quality, reliable and cost-effective.

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